About Us

We at Library Outsourcing Services (L.O.S.) want to take you to the magical world of book reading.



We provide outsourced library services especially crafted for co-working spaces.

We aim to provide a library service that would suit the type of audience at the workspace and envision a service which right at convenience aims to quench the thirst of the inquisitive individual by bringing back the magic of book reading, the magic of learning and amplifying the brain as one flips through the pages. Also supplementing a line and facility on the part of the provider and inspiring to achieve. Reading a book might not just give you the solution for something but reviewing your situation would also make you understand different possible problems and the answers for it.

We have the following benefits for a workspace:

  • Full Time Management of Library Services
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Additional Marketing Services
  • State of The Art Library Service
  • Easy Refund Policy
  • Readers’ Meet

By partnering with us we aim to deliver a hassle free experience to the workspace.


We also want to encourage the culture of exchange of ideas by holding Readers’ Meets in the workspaces every alternate Sunday where coworking members as well non-coworking members can come in and have an enriching experience of learning.



Blogs and Book Reviews are an immeasurable part of the wholesome goal that we want to achieve and would be constantly posted.

You can also share your thoughts and write for us.

For further enquiries,

Contact : 

Phone No. : 9582084089

Email ID : libraryoutsourcingservices@gmail.com



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