Food Ordering Cheat Guide


I don’t go to Starbucks for the fact that my stomach or more importantly my mind won’t be able to digest a coffee worth Rs.250 (I know it might not cost as much; but just the image). There is a bigger reason for me not having their gold-plated coffee which is the fact that I fear that I would walk up to the counter and end up speaking Gibberish when ordering because after 29 unsuccessful attempts I can’t remember which coffee is which.

No no don’t doubt the fact that you can always ask at the counter, but first read the conversation that followed when I tried to do so.

Me (naive in ordering a coffee): Hi

Guy behind the counter: Hello Sir Good afternoon

Me: Could you please explain to me what a Latte would be like?

Guy: Sir it will be milk and coffee

Me: And cappuccino?

Guy: Sir again Milk and coffee

Inside Me: Yes thank you but I can read that and have no idea what’s that going to taste like when you are describing both of these as the same. How does a nincompoop like me decide and order then ?

Actual Me: OK thank you (goes out)

This kind of a scenario can happen a lot of times so here’s an attempt at making this easier.


1)Espresso–espressoThis is the most basic one. It could taste a bit bitter.This is not a type of bean but rather a process. It is made by forcing hot pressurised water through beans that have gone through grinding. It could also create foam at the top called the crème. Now you know exactly why the phrase “crème de la crème” is used!

2) Americano –


On the basic level, Espresso with added hot water but the connoisseurs say the handmade approach gives it a different serene taste to it altogether.

3) Macchiato –


This would be one step away from the bitterness as it has the strong flavour of the Espresso but the dollop of steamed milk cuts a bit of it away.

4) Latte –


A Latte is an espresso based drink made with steamed milk and micro-foam added to the coffee.This coffee is much sweeter compared to an espresso due to the steamed milk. It is supposed to be made in a tumbler glass.

5) Cappuccino –


A Cappuccino is similar to a latte. However the key difference between a latte and Cappuccino is that a Cappuccino has more foam and chocolate placed on top of the drink. Further a Cappuccino is made in a cup rather than a tumbler glass.

6) Mocha –


Mocha is a mix between a Cappuccino and a hot chocolate, something like a coffee flavoured hot chocolate. It is made by putting chocolate powder with an espresso shot and then adding steamed milk and micro-foam into the beverage.

7) Affogato –


An Affogato is a simple dessert coffee that is a treat during summer and after dinner. It is made by placing one big scoop of vanilla ice cream within a single or double shot of espresso.



1) Mayonnaise –


You know what Mayonnaise tastes like. At least from the local Momos guy near you.

2) Thousand Island –


Mostly it’s a Mayo and Ketchup combo but it’s that “secret” orange sauce that you find in burger places. Personal Favourite.

3) Mint –mint

Strong flavour of leafy Mint in the sauce, some are dense while some are wavy. Also you find a variety of this in your Indian Weddings!

4) BBQ –


This tastes a bit sweet along with a bit of flavour of char when prepared well. Some love it, some loath it. Goes along really well with Hotdogs.

5) Ranch –51182850_ranch-dressing_1x1.jpg

Ranch is tangy, like with a base taste of vegetables. It is quite popular but divides opinion like none other.

6) Chipotle Southwest –subway-chipotle-southwest-sauce-copycat-recipe.jpg

Southwest is like a mix between chilli and mayo, it goes really well with vegetables.

7) Sweet Onion –Sweet Onion Sauce - Website Image.2f8ad1535b81f3a13a5209b42ec112d3700.jpg

Tastes exactly how it sounds, how about you compare the taste with the Green Lays?

8) Honey Mustard –honey-mustard.png

Something like a hot n sweet sauce, probably sweeter than mustard!

Now. The Hacks!

*Fresh Fries at McDonald’s ? Ask them to make unsalted fries for you. They’ll have to make a new batch then just add the salt yourself from the cellar.

*Whenever ordering multiple burgers where some of them are meals, always go for the meal of the cheaper burger. For some odd reason McDonald’s has differential pricing for the same good given in the meal.

*Hilarious one! The one at the counter in KFC always asks, “single cheese or double cheese” don’t fall into the trap and say “no cheese” to avoid paying extra.

*Don’t be afraid to simply ask for the maximum benefit that you can squeeze out. They might be able to arrange for you something like coupons or bigger pieces or the best deals.

*Always! Always! Check out the coupon websites before ordering online. Their coupon codes work most of the times.

–Sahaj Paraashar




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  1. Very informative !! The basics are not known by many !! This actually is a simplistic representation of the complex reality !!


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