Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist
— Well, well, well! I was just as bewildered as everybody else when I saw what Honourable Member of Parliament, Mr. Shashi Tharoor had tweeted in response to the allegations put on him. After closing my gaping jaw I Googled three of the words used in the above statement to make sure I understood everything that had been said.

Now of course this is not some vocabulary that we come across everyday but what could definitely be admired in this statement is the fluent construction of the sentence. Good choice of words with the correct usage of grammar is what makes the framing of a sentence perfect.

Inspired by this, Here are 10 such words that could instead be used as opposed to what we use :

Let’s get Fancy!


  1. Strenuous
    While I was preparing for a presentation in college, I realised I was using the word “immense effort” far too often. “Strenuous” then came to my rescue and did the trick.
  1. Piquant
    Now this is another word which you could right away add to your vocabulary for it can be readily used when you mean to say words like intriguing, exciting, fascinating and lively. This word can also be used for something having a pleasant or appetising flavour (Instagrammers, substitute for “nom nom”?)
  1. Supreme
    Now we do usually get confused between the usage of Epic and Supreme. When you want to address the grandeur or the length of something you can call it as epic but when you want to address something as extraordinary, use the word “Supreme” instead.
  1. Pandemonium
    Those of you who have heard Ravi Shastri commentate on cricket games would know this word already! It means chaos and utter craziness. Fancy!
  1. Abjure
    Abjure means to drop, abandon or wash your hands off something. Yep, long lost School friends, we’re looking at you!
  1. Jubilant
    This is a word that can be used to convey that you are “very happy” but the whole point of introducing this word is rather than using “very + a word” you should look for other impressive alternatives.
    For example- freezing instead of very cold, quick instead of very fast, adored instead of very loved, exhausted instead of very tired, delicious instead of very tasty.
    #Bonus Point
  1. Captivating
    A new favourite word of mine! You could use this instead of the too much thrown around “amazing”.
  1. Befuddled
    Why say confused when you can say befuddled!
  1. Connoisseur
    Forget the spelling, I have tried and failed 18 times at that but this is one of those leaving an impression sort of words. Connoisseur means a person who, through study and interest, has a fine appreciation for something.
  1. Learning
    No I’m not talking about the word learning I’m talking about my own experiences and learning and would be describing two of those.
  • Don’t use I believe/ I think/ I feel in an interview
    You are saying these words thinking in your mind that you want to push in a statement you can backtrack on if proven wrong. That is exactly what the interview panel grasps and can call you out on lack of clarity or confidence and that is a shift in dynamic you do not want to get embroiled in.
  • Don’t say “things” and “stuff”
    Wherever you are putting a writing piece or speaking or addressing somebody it is only you who understands what those “things” and “stuff” mean and not the reader or the person in conversation with you and you do not want their attention to get away from you.

–Sahaj Paraashar



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