Go Put Your Strengths to Work By Marcus Buckingham : Book Review

We all come to a point in our jobs wherein we feel that we are not contributing enough at our workplace, there are no more growth prospects, work seems to be getting monotonous and passing every day gets tough. At this juncture I would suggest you my friend that this book is a must read. If you are a final year college student, then reading this book would be very useful for you.

The book is written by Marcus Buckinngham, who himself is a business consultant ,motivational speaker and an author. The book is extremely helpful in providing a road map for managers to learn for themselves and then teach their employees how to approach their work by emphasizing their strengths rather than weaknesses. Through this book the author has shared his experience of the corporate world and what should one do to go about his or her job in the right manner. Throughout the book, the author has focused on one particular thing – “always focus on  your strengths rather than improving your deficiencies” – as our area of strength is the place where we are able to grow the most. The author has offered a six step plan, six weeks of reading and habit-forming action for discerning strengths.

There are some tests mentioned in the book as well in order to enhance the process of learning  which will also help you in figuring out your areas of strength – the SET test and many more.

If you are a final year college student and going to sit for interviews this semester, then I would say this would be one of the best cheats to ace in your interview.

So what are you waiting for go grab a copy from here. Hope you have a good reading experience.

-By Sanchit Kukreja


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