The Presentation Secrets Of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo: Book Review

The fact that Steve Jobs was one of the greatest orators of our time is undisputed. I bet you would have seen the I Phone launch presentation if you are a Jobs enthusiast. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you watch it here before reading any further. You will get a better idea of what we are talking about.

You must have wondered what makes a Steve Jobs presentation so special? How can a presentation be simple and effective at the same time? How is he able to grasp the audience’s attention so well? All these questions along with many more have been answered in the book – Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs – by Carmine Gallo. Gallo is a world-renowned keynote speaker and communications coach. He works with top-level executives in the corporate world and advises them with regard to their presentations and communication. Any piece of information coming from him is very reliable and priceless.

presentation secrets

In this book, he focusses on dissecting various presentations made by Steve Jobs and explaining what actually goes into making a presentation like him. The book has been organized like a play with three acts (parts) and a total of eighteen scenes (chapters). The three acts – Create the story, Deliver the experience and Refine and rehearse – are very well categorized in an attempt to cover all the major aspects of a Jobs’ presentation.The author explains all the aspects of a Jobs’ Presentation beautifully quoting the exact lines from the presentation. I would advise you to make some extra effort to actually watch the presentations on YouTube. This would ensure that you take out the maximum from the book. Each scene ends with a Director’s Note containing the highlights of the scene. These notes will come in handy should you forget some of the points. I suggest you go through these notes and make sure these points are internalized in your system before making any presentation.

The book brings with it a much-required paradigm shift in the way we perceive presentations. Having read the book, your presentations might not change overnight, but your outlook towards a presentation would have changed for the better and with consistent effort, your presentations would become better by the day.

So what’s stopping you from getting hold of the book and studying it?

– Rishabh Agrawal


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